Chavale Launch Project

The documentary project „chavale“ copes with the situation of roma people in Europe,
in reference to the concrete example of a Roma settlement in Slovakia. The focus
is not just on social and economic but mainly on ethnic and cultural aspects and the
resulting problems that occur on the interface of between roma culture and modern,
western society.
The documentary should give an insight about the way of living and the social situation
of Roma people. To avoid the typical outsider view, common in documentary
film, this project is working with the children in the settlement, to give them the
chance to show their situation from their own point of view.
To give an appropriate Impression of the circumstances in these settlements, the
filmcrew will visit the settlement several times, for a duration of one and a half year.
Two more settlements will be visited in line with the “Romano drom”, an event
of Miret, under the direction of Ida Kelarova. But the main part will be recorded in
Rakusy. One part of the recordings will be done by the crew; another part will be
done by two girls living in these settlements, by giving them two simple cameras,
so they can document their life in the settlement.
The long period of shootings has also the intention to record the life in the settlement in summer as well as in winter, which changes the circumstances of daily routine a lot in these settlements.